Arthur J Miller

Arthur J Miller
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Oceans and Atmosphere Section
La Jolla
Fields of interest
Decadal variability, coupled ocean-atmosphere interaction, marine ecosystem response to climate, data assimilation, predictability
Description of scientific projects
Decadal Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the North Pacific (NSF). Dynamics of Ocean Climate Changes in the Gulf of Alaska (NSF). LTER: Nonlinear transitions in the California Current Coastal Pelagic Ecosystem (NSF). ROMS Data Assimilation Tools and Techniques (ONR). Modeling, Assimilating and Predicting Physical-Biological Climate Variations of the California Current System (NASA). Predictability and Diagnosis of Low-Frequency Climate Processes in the Pacific (DOE). Experimental Climate Prediction Center [ECPC] (NOAA). Using Ocean Data Assimilation to Incorporate Environmental Variability into Sardine and Squid Assessments (NOAA). Circulation and Coastal Sea Level (CDBW)