Baerbel Hoenisch

Baerbel Hoenisch
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
61 Route 9W
Fields of interest
Paleoceanography, including paleoreconstructions of past seawater acidity and atmospheric CO2, and proxy validation in culture experiments
Description of scientific projects
•Creating A Scientifically Rigorous and Accessible CO2 ‘Keeling Curve’ for Geologic Time; co-PI: Vicki Ferrini
•Validating boron isotope systematics in extinct planktic foraminifera and reconstructing Cenozoic CO2; co-PI: Andy Ridgwell
•Reconstructing ocean acidification and environmental changes across Eocene Thermal Maximum 2 - An Eocene perspective on future recovery rates of climate and ocean chemistry; co-PIs: Jim Zachos, Richard Zeebe
•Reconstructing Arctic Ocean acidification during past interglacials from boron isotopes in benthic foraminifera; co-PI: Jesse Farmer