Baohua Chen

Baohua Chen
Illinois Institute of Technology
Applied Mathematics
519W,36th street,1st.Fl
Fields of interest
Water vapor, convection forcing, parameterization, numerical modeling

Description of scientific projects
My research interests are Stochastic Modeling of Random & Multiscale Phenomena, Stochastic Dynamic Systems, and Scientific Computing, with applications in climate dynamics. The Earth’s climate system displays substantial variability on spatial and temporal scales over many orders of magnitude. There will be a broad range of scales that can not be explicitly resolved but whose aggregate effect on the resolved scales must be accounted for I have devised an observational data-driven, stochastic analysis-based method for quantifying model uncertainty. A stochastic model for water vapor evolution is thus developed. This improves deterministic modeling by taking unresolved scale or unrepresented physical mechanism (e.g., convection in atmosphere) into account.