Benjamin Houlton

Benjamin Houlton
UC Davis
Land, Air and Water Resources
One Shields Avenue
Fields of interest
Climate-nutrient interactions on land Global nitrogen cycles Isotopic modeling Ecosystem responses to global change
Description of scientific projects
We examine biogeochemical cycles and ecological interactions from an Earth system perspective. Our goal is to develop a basic understanding of the Earth system, coupled with applied knowledge of ecosystem responses to global envioronmental change. We focus primarily on interactions between carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, using models, observations, and experimental manipulations of intact ecosystems. Our work takes place in a variety of biomes, from grasslands to forests, the tropics to extra-tropics, and across scales ranging from microbes to the biosphere. Current projects include: -Modeling nitrogen and phosphorus cycles at the global scale -Landscape evolution and nutrient limitation -Nitrogen isotopic constraints on the global N cycle: Models and observations -Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment: Ecosystem responses to elevated carbon dioxide, nutrient enrichment, and climate change.