Benjamin Richard Lintner

Benjamin Richard Lintner
Associate Professor
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Environmental Sciences
14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick
Fields of interest
Tropical Climate Dynamics Climate Variability and Change Convection and Precipitation Land-Atmosphere Interactions
Description of scientific projects
My research centers on diagnosing and interpreting processes in the climate system, especially in the tropics. Prior and current areas of focus include: (i) assessing the controls on tropical precipitation and its spatiotemporal variability; (ii) diagnosing the pathways through which the land surface and atmosphere interact in observations and models; (iii) analyzing the distributions of trace constituents and their transport in the troposphere; and (iv) developing and applying novel approaches for the analysis of precipitation and other climate variables. I make use of a diverse array of observational and reanalysis data sets, a suite of diagnostic approaches, and a vertical hierarchy of models ranging from process-based analytic prototypes to full-blown global climate models.