Cenlin He

Cenlin He
Project Scientist
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Research Applications Laboratory
Fields of interest
Interaction between Climate Change and Air Pollution, Land Surface Modeling, Land-Atmosphere Interaction, Extreme Weather, Atmospheric Chemistry and Modeling, Aerosol Chemistry and Physics, Aerosol-Snow/Cloud Interactions, Radiative Transfer and Light Scattering, Machine Learning Application
Description of scientific projects
1. Aerosol radiative effects over cryosphere (particularly High Mountain Asia and North American mountains)
2. Interactions between drought, fire, and snow evolution
3. land surface model development (particularly for Noah-MP and CTSM/CLM)
4. Snow hydrology
5. Fire impacts on air quality
6. Impact of urbanization (particularly on extreme weather and precipitation)
7. Enhancing air quality forecast through chemical data assimilation