Charles Brock

Charles Brock
Earth System Research Laboratory
325 Broadway R/CSD2
Fields of interest
Aerosol physics and optics

Description of scientific projects
We use a variety of advanced instruments and analysis tools to study the formation of aerosol particles in the atmosphere, how they interact with the chemical and physical environment, and their fates. The goal of this research is to improve our understanding of how particles influence both air quality and climate. Our group uses measurements from laboratory, ground-based, and airborne studies, as well as modeling simulations, to study these processes. Areas of possible research include the sources and long-range transport of aerosol particles, the formation of new particles and their growth in polluted and unpolluted environments, the effects of changing relative humidity on aerosol physical and optical properties, the direct radiative forcing due to aerosols, the role of organic and inorganic gas-phase precursors on aerosol formation, growth, composition, optical properties, and cloud nucleating ability, and the effects of clouds on these properties. Work is conducted at our laboratory facilities in Boulder, Colorado, as well as nationally and internationally at ground sites and in airborne programs.