Claudia Cenedese

Claudia Cenedese
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Physical Oceanography
360 Woods Hole Rd
Woods Hole
Fields of interest
Oceanography, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Description of scientific projects
Eddies: Baroclinic eddies over bottom topography: formation and drift mechanisms. Eddies interaction with seamounts and islands. Buoyant Coastal Currents: Stability of buoyant coastal currents at the shelf break and over variable bathymetry. Shelf-slope water exchange through interaction of eddies with buoyancy-driven currents. Dynamics of interacting buoyant coastal currents. Buoyant coastal currents encountering abrupt changes in the coastline and bathymetry. Dense Currents: Mixing in density driven currents over sloping topography. Entrainment in overflows. Laboratory and theoretical model for geophysical fluid dynamics.