Connie Woodhouse

Connie Woodhouse
University of Arizona
School of Geography and Development
P.O. Box 210076
Fields of interest
climatology, paleoclimatology, dendrochronology, water resources, science translation
Description of scientific projects
The primary focus of my research concerns the climatology of western North America, including paleoclimatic reconstructions of past climate and hydrologic conditions from tree rings, the analysis of past and current climate, and circulation features that influence climate, particularly at decadal and longer time scales. My research has included the reconstruction and analysis of drought in the western Great Plain, temperature variability over the past eight centuries in western North America, and the development of a network of streamflow reconstructions for major rivers in the Colorado, Platte, and Rio Grande River basins. While some of my work is basic research, a recent emphasis has been on applied research to assist water resource managers in using reconstructions of past hydroclimatic variability in drought planning and water resource management.