Corey D. Markfort

Corey D. Markfort
Assistant Professor
IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering, The University of Iowa
Civil and Environmental Engineering
323E Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory
Iowa City
Fields of interest
Atmospheric boundary layer; Renewable energy and wind engineering; Environmental fluid mechanics; Turbulence; Biosphere-atmosphere interaction; Hydrometeorology; Earth systems dynamics and change
Description of scientific projects
Our research focuses on measurement and prediction of environmental fluid mechanics, turbulent transport, and renewable energy. In particular, we are interested in environmental boundary-layer (EBL) dynamics, atmospheric boundary layers, land- and lake-atmosphere interactions, large-eddy simulation (LES), and experimental boundary-layer turbulence studies of flows over complex terrain, urban areas, and wind farms. Our goal is to better understand the complex interactions at environmental interfaces and improve prediction of transport and surface fluxes of momentum, heat, water vapor, and trace gasses (e.g., CO2 and CH4) by developing physically realistic and reliable models of Earth systems, e.g., ecosystem, lake, climate, weather and pollution models, and test sub-grid scale and surface boundary parameterizations for EBL simulations over complex landscapes and terrain.