Dev Niyogi

Dev Niyogi
Purdue University
Department of Earth & Atmosphere Science and Dept of Agronomy-Crop, Soil, Environmental Science
915 W. State St., Lilly Hall of Sciences
West Lafayette
Description of scientific projects
Details can be found at Ongoing research along following thematic lines: 1. Investigating the effects of land surface processes on weather and climate. This involves the detection of the land surface/ land use land cover change signature within climate observations; as well as studying the role of land surface processes on short term weather such as mesoscale convection and heavy precipitation. 2. Development and assimilation of satellite datasets for enhanced land surface representation and improving regional/ mesoscale weather forecast models. 3. The incorporation of the effects of agricultural and urban landscapes in weather forecast and environmental models. 4. Synthesis of land atmosphere interactions over United States, and the tropical Indian Monsoon Region as part of the regional and global climate systems.