Dr Adina Paytan

Dr Adina Paytan
University of California, Santa Cruz
Institute of Marine Sciences
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz
Fields of interest
Paleoceanography and global marine biogeochemical cycles
Description of scientific projects
My research interests lie in the fields of chemical paleoceanography, and marine biogeochemistry. I utilize the chemical and isotopic record enclosed in marine archives to study past oceans and climates over time scales of centuries to millions of years. An over-arching goal of this research is to link changing ocean composition to global changes in climate and tectonics. Much of the research focuses on trace element and isotopic variation in marine sediments preserved in the geological record and how these variation can be used to elucidate the biogeochemical characteristics of past oceans. Another field of interest is environmental chemistry, this field focuses on studies of natural and anthropogenicaly induced perturbation that affect biogeochemical processes such as methane emission from wetlands, trace metal recycling in sediments, aerosol chemical composition and water pollution.