Dr Alan Mix

Dr Alan Mix
Oregon State University
College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Science
Fields of interest
Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, based on marine sediment records of foraminifera, including tools of micropaleontology, sedimentology, isotope geochemistry, and other evolving geochemical proxies.
Description of scientific projects
My work is mostly, but not entirely, based on marine sediments in the Pacific Ocean, ranging from Alaska to Chile. We are active in seagoing field studies, especially coring programs, throughout the world. Scales of study range from decades to millions of years. I am particularly interested in the connections between high-latitude and low-latitude systems, and between the northern and southern hemispheres. Within our group at Oregon State University, collaborative efforts include work on ocean and climate modeling, records of climate change on land, development of advanced methods of isotopic and geochemical analysis, and understanding modern processes related to foraminiferal ecology, and proxy development.