Dr Amit Tandon

Dr Amit Tandon
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Physics Department and SMAST
285 Old Westport Road
Fields of interest
Sub-grid scale processes in climate models, their representation and impact on climate and its variability.
Description of scientific projects
My interests lie in understanding the role of sub-grid scale processes which can impact climate and its variability. For instance, many physical processes in the mixed layer set the upper ocean water mass properties. Subduction due to mixed layer processes and frontal processes is not adequately represented in current climate models. Yet these process may be key to understand the seasonal-to-centennial time scale variability, as well as important for large scale patterns of variability such as ENSO and PDO. I am also a part of the Mesoscale-mixed layer CPT (Climate Process Team), which is examining the coupling between mesoscale and mixed layer processes and its implementation in climate models.