Dr. Anna Gannet Hallar

Dr. Anna Gannet Hallar
Associate Professor
University of Utah
Department of Atmospheric Science
135 S. 1460 E
Rm 816
Salt Lake City
Fields of interest
Atmospheric Science, Aerosols
Description of scientific projects
The overarching theme of Dr. Hallar’s research is using high quality measurements of trace gases, aerosol physical and chemical properties, and cloud microphysics to understand connections between the biosphere, atmosphere, and climate, along with the impact of anthropogenic emissions on these connections. More specifically, currently her research uses high elevation sites, combined with airborne measurements, to study the formation processes of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) and Ice Nuclei (IN) and how differing formation processes impact mixed-phase cloud microphysics. This research topic is stemmed in many potential formation mechanisms of aerosols, including nucleation, secondary organic aerosols, and primary biological aerosol particles (PBAP’s).