Dr C Aaron Lai

Dr C Aaron Lai
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Earth and Environmental Sciences Division
EES-8, MS-D401
Los Alamos
Fields of interest
Climate data analysis; regional coupled ocean-atmospheric modeling; gloval ocean modeling, global coupled ocean-atmospheric modeling; Antarctic circumpolar wave and El Nino study; sea-ice modeling; atmospheric chemistry, ocean biogeochemical modeling
Description of scientific projects
The Atmospheric and Climate Science Group applies a balanced approach of modeling, analysis, and field experimentation to enhance our understanding of atmospheric dynamics, physics, chemistry and the climate system. My and the Climate Studies Team's researches focus on the global and regional scale ocean, atmospheric and coupled modeling as well as climate data analysis. This is to take full advantage of the world's most powerful massively parallel computers residing at Los Alamos National Lab. We are collaborating with NCAR, NCEP and University of California in various topics including El Nino, North American monsoon, interannual-to-interdecadal climate variations, Antarctic circumpolar waves, etc. We are testing a hypothesis that El Nino is related to Antarctic circumpolar waves. We also investigate, via climate system modeling, the long term global change due to extra-terrestrial and anthropogenic forcings. Los Alamos National Lab is operated by the University of California for the Dept. of Energy.