Dr Carolyn Z Mutter

Dr Carolyn Z Mutter
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
126 Monell Bldg.
61 Rt. 9W
Fields of interest
Information dissemination and applications of predictable climate variation; improved predictability of seasonal- interannual climate variation
Description of scientific projects
The International Research Institute for climate prediction (IRI) provides leadership for an end-to-end program that develops forecasts of changing temperature and rainfall, assesses the regional consequences of those variations, and applies this information to support practical decision making in critical sectors like agriculture, water resources, energy, fisheries, emergency preparedness, and public health and safety. The IRI brings accessibility and utility to climate information largely through partnered efforts. In this way, both sector and science evolve with renewed comprehension as to the requirements and opportunities associated with engaging the other. Only through such a path is it possible to approach a different level of achievement, with successes demonstrated by advancements in formerly diverse fields. It is a focused research enterprise that is both applied and basic in nature. By improving capabilities to predict and understand climate variability, and by increasing knowledge of how to translate this understanding into better decision making, the IRI motivates more informed response capabilities among and within societies around the world.