Dr Duane Waliser

Dr Duane Waliser
California Institute of Technology
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 183-505
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Fields of interest
climate modeling and analysis
Description of scientific projects
My research interests focus mainly on large-scale ocean-atmosphere interactions with an emphasis on tropospheric processes and their interactions with the hydrological cycle. Within this area of expertise, I endeavor to develop and exploit numerical models to better understand the phenomena under study as well as to improve upon the ability of the models to simulate and/or predict that phenomenon. Furthermore, my research studies typically employ global in-situ, analyzed and satellite-derived data sets for diagnostic analyses as well as model verification. In the last few years, I have been pursuing a number of research questions associated with intraseasonal variability, specifically the form referred to as the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO). These questions have involved the simulation, prediction and predictability of the MJO, as well as the interactions between the MJO and other aspects of our climate system, namely its coupling to the ocean and its influence on the Asian-Australian monsoon and ENSO systems.