Dr Elfatih A.B Eltahir

Dr Elfatih A.B Eltahir
Massachusettes Institute of Technology
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Room 48-207
Parsons Lab
Fields of interest
Description of scientific projects
The goal of research in the Eltahir group is to advance understanding of the fundamental hydrological processes and mechanisms that govern the role of the biosphere, as characterized by vegetative cover and soil moisture conditions, in the dynamics of biosphere-atmosphere interactions and the associated water cycle at regional scales. Understanding of these processes is critical to the solution of several regional environmental problems that are important to society: (1) assessment of the impact on sustainability of regional water resources due to deforestation and desertification, (2) assessment of the predictability of large-scale hydrological droughts and floods as sources of significant natural hazard, (3) assessment of the regional impacts on water resources, agriculture, and ecosystems that may result from any global change scenario.