Dr Jerry F McManus

Dr Jerry F McManus
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
61 Route 9W
Fields of interest
Paleoceanography, paleoclimate, marine sedimentology, low-temperature geochemistry, isotope geochemistry
Description of scientific projects
The sedimentary record of climate change and ocean circulation, including the processes affecting the creation and preservation of sedimentary archives, the relative influence of internal and external forcing on climatic stability, the role of ocean circulation in rapid climate change, and quantitative reconstruction of the rate and magnitude of past changes. Ongoing projects include high resolution studies of the Holocene and previous interglacial climates and the subsequent onset of glaciation, ground truthing the paleoceanographic record using sediment trap data, developing multi-proxy assessments of changes in deep ventilation, and comparisons of deep-sea data with results from terrestrial, ice core, and model studies of climate change.