Dr. Jim K Bishop

Dr. Jim K Bishop
E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Earth Sciences Division
1 Cyclotron Road
M/S 90-1116
Fields of interest
Ocean carbon cycle dynamics

Description of scientific projects
Our research investigates the role of ocean biota in transporting carbon species (and a host of other chemical species) from the surface to the deep sea. This process, often referred to as the ocean biological pump, is important in determining the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Whether or not the biological pump will increase or decrease in response to climate induced changes to the ocean is not known. Our current focus is on the development and application of autonomous and shipboard technologies so that such questions may be answered. A highlight of our autonomous exploits was the April 2001 deployment of the first pair of robotic ocean profiling Carbon Explorers in the stormy waters of the subarctic north Pacific. The Explorers operating near 50N 145W (at a location called PAPA) captured and reported in real time the first high-frequency record of the biological response to the passage of an intense storm laden with Gobi Desert dust. A dozen more Explorers have been deployed to date (2005) in some of the ocean's most extreme and far away loactions. We are now working to perfect the first Carbon Flux Explorer to monitor high frequency variations of carbon sedimentation. We are seeking candidates interested in new ocean observing approaches and especially those with a strong interest in development of new sensors for other carbon system components and ecosystem function. Current as of 11/24/05