Dr John Patrick Dunne

Dr John Patrick Dunne
Climate and Ecosystems Group
201 Forrestal Rd
Fields of interest
Ocean ecosystems * Biogeochemistry * Earth System Modeling * Climate Change * Carbon Cycling
Description of scientific projects
My work spans a range of scientific issues from the global (such as the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems) to the local (such as coastal eutrophication). In general, I investigate controls on aquatic ecosystem processes and elemental cycling, particularly with respect to the role of human activities. I combine a variety of chemical tools with mathematical models of biogeochemical and physical processes to elucidate controls on elemental cycling and their production, transport and fate in aquatic systems. For the last decade, I have been working to develop models of global ocean biogeochemical cycling to be incorporated into GFDL's global models for earth system reanalysis and projection. These efforts include marine ecosystem model development, Earth System Modeling for coupled carbon climate interactions and the impacts of climate on marine ecosystems.