Dr. Jose-Luis Jimenez

Dr. Jose-Luis Jimenez
University of Colorado at Boulder
Cristol Bldg., Room 436
Mail Code UCB 216
Fields of interest
Atmospheric chemistry; aerosol physics and chemistry; gas-to-particle conversion; organic aerosols; aircraft and ground-based field measurements; simultaneous measurement of aerosols and trace gases; development of real-time quantitative aerosol instrumentation; quantitative aerosol mass spectrometry; environmental chamber studies; modeling of gas-aerosol processes.
Description of scientific projects
Some current projects in my group include: (1) Measurement of size-resolved composition in aircraft studies using an Aerodyne High-Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (HR-AMS), including NASA projects such as KORUS-AQ, ATom, and FIREX-AQ. (2) Measurements of aerosols and gases on aircraft and ground studies using chemical ionization mass spectrometry (CIMS); (3) Environmental chamber and flow reactors experiments of gas-to-particle conversion processes in the laboratory; (4) Development of new instrumentation to address current "blind spots" in aerosol measurements; (5) Modeling of gas and aerosol processes. See our web page at http://cires.colorado.edu/jimenez for details, or email me at <jose.jimenez@colorado.edu> if you have any questions. Current as of 23-Jan-2018.