Dr Kevin Roger Wilson

Dr Kevin Roger Wilson
Deputy Director for Science
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cylotron Road
MS 6R2100
Fields of interest
Oxidative Transformations of Organic Aerosols. Linking chemical composition of organic aerosol with cloud condensation nuclei activity (CCN). Soft ionization aerosol mass spectrometry.
Description of scientific projects
There are a number ongoing research areas focused on understanding from the molecular level the oxidation chemistry of complex organic aerosol using soft ionization aerosol mass spectrometry as well as techniques that combine Gas Chromatography with Vacuum Ultraviolet Mass Spectrometry. In a new research area we are developing a new tool to understand the link between surface active compounds and the uptake of water by organic aerosol. This approach will combine at a commercial cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) counter with atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry for real time surface analysis of water droplets nucleated by organic aerosol during oxidation.