Dr M K Dubey

Dr M K Dubey
Scientist IV
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Earth Systems Observations
Los Alamos
Fields of interest
Aerosols, CO2 and trace gas measurements (in situ and remote) to improve process and feedback treatment in climate models. Carbon cycle science and management. Air capture of CO2. Hydrogen economy risks and benefits. Constraining climate sensitivity using observations. Arctic climate change.
Description of scientific projects
Our group performs aerosol optical property measurements using modern spectroscopic techniques for DOE, NOAA and NSF sponsored field campaigns. We have just acquire a solar tracking Fourier transform spectrometer to measure greenhouse gases and pollutants (CO, NO2) to bridge in situ and satellite scales. We also perform WRF-Chem modeling. Our research stresses integration of measurements and models and collaboration to inform public policy. I have had the privilege of mentoring 9 postdocs at LANL, which has one of the strongest climate research and carbon management programs in the nation. I nurture and support interdisciplinary research and enjoy learning from my postdocs.