Dr Meredith Hastings

Dr Meredith Hastings
Associate Professor
Brown University
Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences & Inst at Brown for Environment and Society
324 Brook Street
Box 1846
Fields of interest
biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, nitrogen cycle, isotope geochemistry, paleoclimate
Description of scientific projects
My research focuses on the reactive nitrogen cycle. My interest in reactive nitrogen (e.g., NOx, NH3, HONO) extends from its connection to air quality through its impact on ozone and hydroxyl concentrations to the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen in the earth system via formation of nitric acid and ammonium. To address these areas of interest, I am currently utilizing novel isotopic measurement and modeling studies in the present environment, as well as characterizing how the environment has changed though time based on the interpretation of ice core measurements. Current projects include study of total N deposition to the oceans and the impact of the isotopic composition of atmospheric reactive N on the ocean geochemical budget; study of the sources and chemistry of reactive N in various environments, including in urban and remote locations; development of methods to quantify the impact of sources on the isotopic composition of nitrate and ammonium; development of techniques to quantify formation pathways of organic nitrate.