Dr Norman L Miller

Dr Norman L Miller
UC Berkeley National Laboratory
90-1116 One Cyclotron Road
Fields of interest
Hydroclimate modeling and analyses at a range of scales. Past, present, and future climate simulations, data assimilations, and fundamental science research.
Description of scientific projects
Land surface model advancements at scale to understand basic surface/subsurface processes and testing of new Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS) and Land INfromation System (LIS) with model frameworks. We are evaluating snow schemes, dynamic vegetation, and urban meteorology/hydrology with regional and fine scale models, testing new parameterizations, and performing ensemble simulations to reduce uncertainties. A new and important project is the testing of physically based, fully distributed surface hydrology with LDAS/LIS data at multiple scales via aggregation/disaggregation techniques to implement large-scale footprint remote sensed observations within nudging update schemes.