Dr R. T. James McAteer

Dr R. T. James McAteer
New Mexico State University
Department of Astronomy
1320 Frenger Hall
Las Cruces
Fields of interest
Heating of the coronal, and acceleration of the solar wind by waves, flows and nanoflares. Spectropolarimetric inversions. The Sun-Earth connection, including the effects of space weather throughout the solar system, predicting the onset of solar flares, and tracking coronal mass ejections. Studies of the magnetic complexity of active regions and searches for signatures of imminent solar flares, general studies of complexity and turbulence in science, and design of risk management performance measures for space weather predictions. Solar cycle, and the effects on planets and the viability of life.
Description of scientific projects
Image acquisition and image processing techniques. Computational experience, in IDL, Matlab or Python. Good solar physics knowledge. Experience in statistical analysis. Experience with space- and ground- based data.