Dr. Sara Lance

Dr. Sara Lance
Research Associate
State University of New York at Albany
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
1220 Washington Ave
SUNY ETEC Building
Fields of interest
Experimental Investigation of the fundamental interactions between Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation, including: 1) Cloud processing of aerosol, 2) Cloud phase transitions, 3) Chemical properties and mixing-state of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nuclei, 4) Instrument development and characterization
Description of scientific projects
The Lance lab currently has an open position to support experimental investigation of multi-phase chemical reactions relevant for the formation of secondary organic aerosol within cloud and fog droplets. The advertised position includes instrument development of a particle trap for highly controlled single-particle experiments using aqueous levitated micro-droplets. This work will take place within the laboratory at the ASRC. In conjunction with the laboratory work, summertime deployment of cloud and aerosol instruments will take place at the Whiteface Mountain summit research station in the Adirondacks of upstate NY, including measurements of the physical and chemical properties of aerosol, cloud condensation nuclei and cloud droplet residuals.