Dr Scott Goetz

Dr Scott Goetz
Northern Arizona University
School of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems (SICCS)
Fields of interest
Global environmental change, arctic and boreal ecosystems, forest productivity, fire disturbance and recovery, conservation biology, remote sensing, lidar
Description of scientific projects
My research broadly focuses on analysis of environmental change using satellite observations, including monitoring and modeling links between climate and disturbance (e.g. deforestation, wildfire) and their combined influence on ecosystem properties and processes (forest productivity, post disturbance recovery, biological diversity, carbon cycling). I am Science Lead of the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (above.nasa.gov), and Deputy PI for Science of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation
(science.nasa.gov/missions/gedi). My publications can be found on GoogleScholar here: tinyurl.com/y9ojowxb