Dr Sean C Kennan

Dr Sean C Kennan
Nova SE University Oceanographic Center
8000 N. Ocean Dr.
Dania Beach
Fields of interest
Mesoscale and large scale ocean circulation, tropical oceanography, climate, physical forcing of marine ecosystems
Description of scientific projects
Several decades of near surface Lagrangian drifter data are available for studying the transport of heat across the tropical Pacific Ocean. The PI is presently funded by NOAA-CLIVAR to reprocess the drifter data using improved techniques and to study the seasonal and interannual advection of heat by the surface ocean currents. The project will add to our understanding of the interactions between ocean circulation and climate by providing quantitative assessments of the ocean heat advection across the entire tropics, not just within the equatorial wave guide. A postdoctoral fellow would be expected to work closely with the PI and take the lead on several aspects of the project. Interested applicants should have a background in physical science and a strong interest in observations of ocean dynamics. The PI will also consider applicants who wish to work in an area of their own interest. Please contact S. Kennan by email or telephone and visit the project on the web page where a copy of the relevant CLIVAR proposal may be viewed. Current as of 12/3/2002