Dr Shang-Ping Xie

Dr Shang-Ping Xie
University of Hawaii
International Pacific Research Center
1680 East West Road, Post 401
School of Earth and Ocean Science and Technology
Fields of interest
climate modeling, ocean- atmosphere- land interaction
Description of scientific projects
My work centers on ocean-atmosphere interaction and its role in shaping the earth climate and its variability. My research contributes to the understanding and simulation of phenomena such as El Nino/Southern Oscillation, Pacific decadal oscillation, summer monsoon, tropical Atlantic variability and North Atlantic Oscillation/Arctic Oscillation. The mean state of the climate affects these modes of variability in many important ways. My research also addresses questions on the mean climate: why is the Pacific and Atlantic climate asymmetric with the intertropical convergence zone permanently displaced in the Northern Hemisphere despite the equatorial symmetry in annual-mean solar radiation? What are the consequences of this climatic asymmetry?