Dr Sharon Nicholson

Dr Sharon Nicholson
Florida State University
Department of Meteorology - 3034
Fields of interest
Climate variability (especially semi-arid regions), paleoclimate, land- atmosphere interaction, remote sensing
Description of scientific projects
Our lab is working on several areas related to global change. 1. Assessment of large-scale vegetation changes over Africa and their link to climate, using ecosystem and climate models and remote sensing. 2. Climates of Africa on scales of centuries to millenia and their links to global climate (e.g., teleconnections to ENSO, SSTs, monsoon). 3. Mineral aerosols and their links to climatic and environmental change, especially over Africa. 4. Dynamic factors producing drought in semi-arid regions of the low-latitudes.This includes water balance modelling of lakes, remote sensing to assess climate parameters over the lakes, and quantitative interpretation of their records.