Dr Simon S.-Y. Wang

Dr Simon S.-Y. Wang
Utah State University
Utah Climate Center
4820 Old Main Hill
Fields of interest
Climate diagnostics and prediction, with emphasis in extreme event attribution and forecasting
Description of scientific projects
Increasing extreme weather and climate events have resulted in tremendous loss of life and property worldwide. Record-breaking extreme heat and heavy precipitation events are steadily growing, driving a significant surge of academic interest in projection and attribution analyses of such extremes. The goal of this position is to synthesize and apply the diverse theories towards (a) integrating the different views and approaches in research of climate extremes and (b) transitioning the systematically acquired scientific knowledge to benefit the potential in forecasting. Emerging new theories regarding the increased weather/climate extremes present an exciting new development in science. The center aims to investigate the different pathways that climate mechanisms engender extreme events as well as harness that information to improve extreme event prediction. This position is focused on diagnostic and attribution studies of flood and drought events in North America, especially on California. [Contact: Prof. Simon Wang] [Publications: https://sites.google.com/view/usu-climate-simon-wang/publications]