Dr Stanley P Sander

Dr Stanley P Sander
California Institute of Technology
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
MS 183-901
Fields of interest
Atmospheric chemistry (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere); Laboratory chemical kinetics and photochemistry; Atmospheric spectroscopy using high resolution techniques; Satellite measurements of atmospheric chemical processes; Evaluation of laboratory data for use in atmospheric modeling
Description of scientific projects
My group is involved in a number of projects in atmospheric chemistry. These include: 1. Laboratory studies of atmospheric gas-phase reactions and photochemical processes. The principal foci of this work involve radical-radical and radical-molecule reactions of species in the HOx, NOx, ClOx, BrOx, IOx and organic peroxy radical families. 2. Ground-based remote sensing of the atmosphere using high resolution Fourier transform spectroscopy. We have developed one of the first UV-visible Fourier transform spectrometers and have used it to measure important atmospheric species such as OH, O3, NO2, NO3, CO2, O2 and a number of others. The primary objective is to obtain long-term measurements of important species as a test of atmospheric models and to validate the measurements of satellite remote sensing instruments. A recent focus has been high-precision measurements of the CO2 column mixing ratio for studies of the carbon cycle. 3. Satellite measurements of tropospheric composition. The Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) instrument will soon fly aboard the NASA Aura spacecraft, and will measure vertical profiles of ozone, nitric acid, CO, H2O, NO, NO2, CH4 and other species in the troposphere. My group is involved in the development of retrieval algorithms and validation strategies, and will participate in the analysis of data from this powerful instrument.