Dr. Tessa M Hill

Dr. Tessa M Hill
University of California Davis
Department of Geology & Bodega Marine Laboratory
2099 Westside Drive
Bodega Bay
Fields of interest
Research focuses on recent (late Quaternary to modern) environmental change in the marine environment, utilizing the geochemistry of microfossils and corals to understand: * rates and magnitude of climate change, * response and adaptation of marine species to environmental change * role of methane emissions in climate change and marine geological processes * impact of climate change on carbon cycling and oceanic anoxia * connections between climate change in marine and terrestrial environments * anthropogenic impacts on the ocean system, including ocean acidification and anoxia.
Description of scientific projects
Research in my laboratory utilizes several proxies in the paleoceanographic record as indicators of temperature and environmental change, such as: * stable isotopes (δ180, δ13C. δ15N) * trace elements (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca, Cd/Ca) * radiocarbon * foraminiferal species assemblages In addition, modern oceanographic monitoring to supplement these studies includes: * mooring datasets * oceanographic transects for water column properties * culturing of organisms in controlled climate and geochemical conditions in the laboratory.