Dr Tim K Lowenstein

Dr Tim K Lowenstein
Distinguished Professor
Binghamton University
Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies
PO Box 6000
Fields of interest
Paleoclimate, Paleooceanography, Chemistry of Ancient Seawater, Paleolimnology, Evaporites, Fluid Inclusions, Pleistocene paleoclimate, Great Basin paleoclimate, Ancient atmospheric CO2, Eocene paleoclimate- Green River Formation,Nahcolite CO2 proxy,
Description of scientific projects
My main area of global change research is the study of paleoclimate records from lake sediments, particularly closed basin evaporites. I have done research in the Qaidam Basin, China, Death Valley and Saline Valley, California, and currently I am working in the Central Andes, Argentina (Salar de Hombre Muerto), Chile (Salar de Artacama) and Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni). Our climate data consists of paleoaridity records, paleotemperature records from fluid inclusions, and fossil ostracodes.