Dr William E Easterling

Dr William E Easterling
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Geography
116 Deike
State College
Fields of interest
Climate impacts, land use/ land cover change
Description of scientific projects
My interests are in two broad areas: 1) the potential consequences of climate change combined with societal change on renewable natural resources, especially agriculture. I continue to work on topics such as the scaling of climate and crop simulation model outputs, the adaptability of agriculture to climate change, and the non-market (environmental) effects of climate change; and 2) the interactions of climate and land use change with processes governing net exchanges of carbon between the atmosphere and the terrestrial biosphere. In this regard, I am particularly interested in understanding how historical land use change may be influencing current uptake and release of terrestrial carbon. Also, I am interested in the continued refinement of data bases currently used to estimate the effects of land use change on the global carbon budget.