Eoin Brodie

Eoin Brodie
Deputy Division Director
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Climate and Ecosystem Sciences
1 Cyclotron Rd., MS70A-3317
Fields of interest
Soil science, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, microbiology, microbial ecology, genomics, modeling.

Description of scientific projects
Applying expertise in soil science, microbiology, molecular biology, biogeochemistry and modeling of microbial communities to identify the feedbacks between climate drivers and the biological processes that govern terrestrial biogeochemical cycles. Developing mechanistic understanding of the transformation of organic carbon, nutrients and metals in plant-soil and subsurface systems. Development of novel technologies (including ‘omic and isotopic) to study the in situ function of microbial communities beginning at the micrometer scale. Development of genome-informed trait-based models of microbial competition and activity across multiple scales.