Erika Wise

Erika Wise
Associate Professor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
220 E. Cameron Ave.
Campus Box 3220
Chapel Hill
Fields of interest
synoptic climatology, dendrochronology, hydroclimatology, climate variability and change, extreme events, drought, Common Era paleoclimatology, climate field reconstruction, water resources, science communication
Description of scientific projects
The Climate & Tree Ring Environmental Science (C-TRĒS) group uses the tools of synoptic climatology and dendrochronology to better understand our hydroclimate system over multiple timescales. Recent projects focus on developing the record of past surface environments recorded through tree growth to reconstruct large, spatial fields of past atmospheric circulation, as well as on assessing the driving forces and future risk of extreme climate events (e.g., floods, drought, heat waves, cold spells) through better understanding of pre-instrumental extremes. See for updated information on current projects.