Gabriele Pfister

Gabriele Pfister
Scientist III
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling Laboratory
3450 Mitchell Lane
Fields of interest
Air Pollution, Chemical Transport Modeling, Satellite trace gas retrievals and field experiment analysis, ozone chemistry, linking global to regional and local scales
Description of scientific projects
My research work is strongly focused on the integration of measurements from satellite, aircraft and ground with models to investigate the links between local, regional and global air pollution. I have made significant contributions to improving wildfire emission estimates and evaluating their impact on atmospheric composition and air quality, to assessing the role of intercontinental pollution transport, and to understanding the relative contributions of natural and anthropogenic emissions and transport processes to local air quality. I am active developer on the regional model WRF-Chem (Weather Research and Forecasting Model with chemistry) and PI on the NSF/State of Colorado FRAPPÉ field mission as well as participated in a number of other NASA field campaigns (more recent missions including SEAC4Rs, DISCOVER-AQ and KORUS-AQ).