Irina Marinov

Irina Marinov
Assistant Professor
University of Pennsylvania
Earth and Environmental Science
Hayden Hall, 240 S. 33rd St
Fields of interest
oceanography (physical, chemical, biological), large scale climate dynamics, carbon cycle, atmosphere-ocean and land-ocean interactions, ocean ecology, climate impacts, Southern Ocean dynamics.
Description of scientific projects
I have broad interests in climate sciences, and generally have a theoretical approach/bent in my research. I run and analyze global climate models, but also smaller models (e.g. box models for ocean-atmosphere). I have worked with satellite data products for detecting changes in ocean dynamics and ecology from space. Examples of theory/modeling/data-analysis topics I would like to work on with a postdoc are: • The role of the oceans (particularly Southern Ocean) in the global climate; global atmosphere-ocean teleconnections linking high and low latitudes. • Impacts of a changing hydrology on the oceans • The response of global ocean physics, carbon and oxygen cycles to climate change, including feedbacks. Developing theories on what controls the oceanic sink for atmospheric CO2 on various timescales. • Ocean ecology: past and future responses to a changing physical climate. Biological-physical interactions in the ocean. Phytoplankton functional groups from space. • Including evolutionary concepts and functional traits into ecological models and coupling them to comprehensive global climate models. • Climate Impacts, various topics (e.g.: ecosystem/population/health/economic impacts of climate change, coastal impacts, etc.)