J. Jeffrey Morris

J. Jeffrey Morris
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1300 University Blvd CH464
Fields of interest
Microbial evolution, phytoplankton physiology, phytoplankton ecology, microbial oceanography
Description of scientific projects
Our lab is funded to study the evolutionary response of phytoplankton to ocean acidification. For the past 5 years we have conducted a Long Term Phytoplankton Evolution (LTPE) experiment, where we have maintained replicate semi-continuous cultures of 5 phytoplankton types at either modern or year 2100 CO2 conditions. Each phytoplankton has been co-cultured with a single species of heterotrophic bacteria, and our current research focus is on the co-evolutionary processes between the phytoplankton and their heterotrophic partners, and how these changes influence the ecosystem response to future ocean conditions.