Jack DiTullio

Jack DiTullio
College of Charleston
Hollings Marine Lab
331 Fort Johnson
Fields of interest
Biogeochemistry of the Southern Ocean, Algal physiology and ecology, Radiative trace gases (DMS)
Description of scientific projects
1. Effects of carbon dioxide, iron and light on phytoplankton dynamics in the Southern Ocean (NSF-OPP 2005-2008). 2. Algal Biogeochemistry in the South Atlantic Ocean and Benguela Upwelling System (NSF-OCE 2007-2010). 3. Effects of carbon dioxide and temperature on algal biogeochemistry in the North Atlantic Ocean (NSF-OCE, 2004-2008). 4. Effects of iron and light on the biogeochemistry of polar diatoms (NSF-OPP, pending).