Jackie Hatala Matthes

Jackie Hatala Matthes
Senior Scientist
Harvard University
Harvard Forest
324 N. Main St.
Fields of interest
biosphere-atmosphere interactions, climate change, ecosystem disturbance, carbon cycle, methane, evapotranspiration
Description of scientific projects
A primary focus of research in the Matthes Lab at Harvard Forest is the exchange of carbon, water, and nutrients across terrestrial to aquatic systems and at the biosphere-atmosphere boundary at the EMS biosphere-atmosphere exchange tower (operating since 1991) and hemlock tower (operating since 2005). Current projects include: 1) the influence of long-term changes in seasonal precipitation on the ecosystem carbon, water, and energy balance, 2) changes in forest microclimate and water cycling with periodic stress from extreme weather and persistent stress from invasive insects, 3) measuring and scaling the shifting balance of seasonal methane uptake and emission at the plot to ecosystem scales.

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