James Alfred Carton

James Alfred Carton
Professor, Chair
University of Maryland
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
Computer and Space Sci Bldg, Stadium Dr
College Park
Fields of interest
physical oceanography climate variability

Description of scientific projects
My own research group presently consists of myself, two researchers (Gennady Chepurin and Senya Grodsky), and five graduate students who meet often. Postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to present at weekly seminars hosted by AOSC, which are attended by faculty, staff, and students from the department as well as outside guests from nearby research institutions. I have extensive experience leading projects using data analysis, ocean state estimates, and coupled models to understand variability of ocean temperatures, deep convection, and the AMOC on seasonal to decadal timescales. I believe that Martha’s project will complement and benefit the research already being conducted at UMD. For example, we are carrying out a continuing set of inter-comparisons of ocean state estimates for variables such as heat content and sea level both as a way to understand the properties of the estimates and to look at processes that are insufficiently sampled to be able to address strictly using historical observations. For example, we are currently using state estimates to improve understanding of global sea level variability during the 20th century.