Jason Knouft

Jason Knouft
Saint Louis University
Department of Biology
3507 Laclede Avenue
Saint Louis
Fields of interest
Impacts of global climate and land use changes on freshwater systems, sensitivity of physical and biological systems to environmental perturbation, watershed hydrology, ecohydrology of urban watersheds, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), conservation of freshwater systems, biogeography, spatial ecology, species distribution modeling
Description of scientific projects
Research projects generally focus on the impacts of climate change and human activities on freshwater resources. This work involves the integration of outputs from Global Climate Models with hydrologic models and freshwater ecosystem data. Currently funded projects include:

2017 - 19 Collaborative Research: Improving high performance super computer aquatic ecosystem models with the integration of real-time citizen science data. National Science Foundation, $510,282. [Co-PI with Darren Ficklin (PI), Indiana University, Chris Lowry (PI), University of Buffalo, and Damon Hall (Co-PI), Saint Louis University].

2016 - 20 Collaborative Research: HydroClim: Empowering aquatic research in North America with data from high-resolution streamflow and water temperature GIS modeling. National Science Foundation, $1,630,619 (PI with Darren Ficklin (PI), Indiana University and Hank Bart (PI), Tulane University)

2016 - 20 Non-market value of watershed management enhancements: An integration of hydro-ecologic and economic assessments. USDA-NIFA, $499,534. (Co-PI with Maria Chu (PI) and Amy Ando (Co-PI), University of Illinois)

2016 - 2018 Predicting impacts of land use and climate change on the hydrology and aquatic habitat in the Meramec River Basin. The Nature Conservancy, $199,981. (PI with Wasit Wulamu (Co-PI), SLU and Maria Chu (Co-PI), University of Illinois)

2016 - 18 Evaluation of brining as a chloride best management practice in the St. Louis Region. Environmental Protection Agency Urban Waters Program. $58,793. (PI)