Joaquim I. Goes

Joaquim I. Goes
Lamont Research Professor
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University
Dept. of Marine Biology and Paleoenvironment
61 Route 9W 10 Marine Biology and Paleoenvironment
Fields of interest
Ocean Optics, Ocean Color Remote Sensing, Coastal Ecosystems, Climate Change, Societal Impacts, Development of Decision Support Tools for sustainable management of Coastal Ecosystems
Description of scientific projects
Several of my projects relate to climate change, coastal resource management using a combination of earth observing satellite data and model outputs. Satellite and Model data outputs are calibrated and validated against in-situ data collected through participation on board research vessels and from autonomous platforms.
I am involved in water quality and sustainability projects along the East Coast of USA and in two decision support projects along the coasts of Oman and in India.