Juliana Dias

Juliana Dias
Research Physical Scientist
Physical Sciences Laboratory
325 Broadway St
Fields of interest
Tropical Meteorology, Equatorial waves, tropical convection, tropical-extratropical interaction, subseasonal predictability and predictions
Description of scientific projects
Juliana Dias is a research physicist at the Physical Sciences Laboratory of the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories in Boulder Colorado. Her main interests include equatorial waves, the coupling between tropical convection and the large-scale atmospheric circulation, tropical-extratropical interactions, and predictability of the atmosphere on daily to seasonal time scales. Her work is focused on various aspects of tropical variability, tropical-extratropical interactions and on how those interact and impact subseasonal to seasonal predictions. Juliana's current projects include developing model diagnostics aimed at improving predictions of subseasonal tropical variability, and assessing the impact of tropical forecast errors in extratropical subseasonal predictions.