Julio Sepúlveda

Julio Sepúlveda
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Boulder
Geological Sciences and Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
450 UCB
Fields of interest
Organic and stable isotope biogeochemistry, geobiology, biomarker research, paleoceanography, paleoclimate, extreme climates, mass extinction events.
Description of scientific projects
My research group studies the interplay between microorganisms, biogeochemical processes, and climate in contemporary settings (e.g., continental margins, marine oxygen minimum zones, extreme environments), and paleo-ecosystems across major climatic/biotic transitions in Earth history (e.g., mass extinction events, greenhouse climates, glacial-interglacial transitions). We approach these systems with a focus on the structures, distributions, and stable isotope composition of cell membrane lipids (biomarkers) that can be identified in water bodies, sediments, soils, and their fossilized remains preserved in the rock record.